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was a white police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. >>: secretary of state john kerry just arriving out in the ukraine and what his plans are to ease the tensions there. >>: and we've got white sprinkles around the bay area this morning. " we will have your full forecast coming up. >>: >>darya: thanks for waking up to the kron4 morning news. >>erica: also looks dry. >>darya: 6 02 right now and the search continues this morning for three boys who are accused of attacking and sexually assaulting a transgendered team. it happened yesterday morning at hercules high-school and kron4's will tran is at the school now with the details of what happened. good morning well. >>: good morning. >>: this happened around 11:00 yesterday morning during school hours. we aren't sure what back from it is but i can tell you that the trans gender student who identifies as a male was in the bathroom, was finished when the three boys confronted him, brought him back inside the bathroom and a cordon to investigators physically assaulted him. they have not made any arrests or seat are even saying wh
hospital. >> secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev on tuesday to meet with ukranian officials. kerry's trip comes as a response to russia's military advance into ukraine. kerry has raised the possibility of issuing economic sanctions and visa bans. russian forces are surrounding three military bases in the strategic crimean peninsula. this is prompting fears an armed conflict could break out at any moment. . uniformed gunmen can be seen in crimea, but, with no identifiable insignia, who they are or where they are from is still unclear. the majority of crimeans are ethnic russian and moscow keeps a naval base there. while many there are welcoming the russians-- ukraine's interim prime minister has another message for moscow. >> we urge the president to pull back his military. >> however.russia says they are only trying to protect their interests in the region. secretary of state john kerry called it "an incredible action of aggression" and threatened very serious economic consequences. economic pressure may not be enough. ukraine's ambassador to the u-n says he wants military s
an estimated six thousand russian ground and naval forces are now in that area. secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev tomorrow to meet with ukranian officials about russia's military action. kerry has raised the possibility of issuing economic sanctions and visa bans to russia. ukraine's ambassador to the u-n says he wants military support-- but nato dosen't support that. russian president vladimir putin has accepted a proposal to establish a "fact-finding mission" to ukraine -- starting a political dialogue. nats chanting more than one hundred people gathered in front of the russian consulate in san francisco to protest that's country's military presence in ukraine. most of those chanting and carrying signs were from the bay area's ukrainian and russian communities. they are calling for putin to back down. the kremlin has said that russia is acting to protect russian speaking ukrainians from the newly installed leadership. those in the crowd on sunday say, that kind of help isn't necessary. many signed a petition calling on the u-s to act on the ukraine's behalf in this crisis. t
that an adult with with them, and not just dropped off. >> secretary of state john kerry is due to arrive in the capital city, kiev, within hours. and there are reports the u-s is suspending some upcoming trade and commerce with russia. secretary kerry's visit comes as russian troops tighten their grip on the crimean peninsula. the russian military is reportedly preparing to defend the narrow land that links it to ukraine. as many as six thousand russian soldiers now occupy positions around ukrainian army posts. >> if an fact that continue, we are examining a whole series of steps economic and diplomatic. we will have a negative impact and that is the status in the world. >> president obama also called on congress to work with his administration on economic help for ukraine. and on monday, russia's foreign minister slammed the west for threatening "sanctions and boycotts" over russia's actions in crimea. >> some residents near the cow palace are without power right now. pg&e says a over 2300 customers are affected. the outage started around 3:00 a.m.. pg&e hopes to get things back up and
several years away. today will likely be the final day of testimony in the drugged driving trial of kerry kennedy. the ex-wife of gov. andrew cuomo and daughter of the late sen. robert f. kennedy says she accidentally ingested sleeping pill overtook her senses without warning. that led to a wild drive on a new york freeway. a drive she cannot recall. she doesn't remember swerving into a tractor- trailer and blowing a tire. if convicted, kennedy could lose her license, and spend up to a year in jail. and federal investigators are now looking into whether general motors acted quickly enough. with their latest recall. g-m recalled 1-point-6 million older-model small cars it's trying to fix faulty ignition switches linked to crashes that led to 13- deaths. documents apperently show g-m knew about the problem ten years ago. the recall affects some older models of the pontiac solstice and saturn sky sports cars. the saturn ion. chevy h-h-r s-u-v, chevy cobalt and pontiac g- 5. a controversial bill passed in arizona. will not become law. andrew spencer reports the governor responded to the legis
may impose economic sanctions on russia as soon as this week. secretary of state john kerry says the united states stands with the people of ukraine. he spoke to reporters in kiev tuesday. kerry accused russia of making up reasons for its intervention in the crimea region. it's an intervention the u- s believes violates international law. our commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity according to international law. we condemn russian federation's act of aggression. somehow russia leaders invited intervention. not a single piece of credible evidence supports any one of these claims. none. russian president vladimir putin said tuesday ukraine's new government came to power as the result of a coup. he has vowed to protect russian's interests in ukraine. check out the surveillance photo. pushing a lot of machine ride out the front door of this lucky supermarkets. police say " birds broke into the store robbery saturday morning and went right for the scratcher vending machine money and tickets were take can it afford the machine was down the blocks away. there reco
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6